In short

  • Our Finance Manager position

    We're growing. Join our small finance team and help shape your own brand new Finance Manager position.
  • Mindset beats experience

    We don't care too much for experience. Bring your degreein accountancy or business economics, and above all: an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • A wide range of benefits

    For instance: 27 vacation days, a hybrid working place, 100% paid pension scheme, expenses, training and opportunities to grow.
  • Our self-developed breakthrough 

    that's transforming waste into renewable energy, and about to make big waves in the energy transition.

”The beauty for me, is that all of us are trusted with great responsibilities so easily. It’s just one of those characteristics of a scaleup. Plus, we all get to do more than we’re ‘supposed’ to do. Whether it be policy-related, business development or something else. We are all very much involved with the entire growth process.”


Paul Roßteutscher
Finance manager

All about the people

Mind you: being our Finance Manager doesn’t mean you’re all alone in finance. Our office manager Charissa is also responsible for many administrative matters. Our finance manager Paul focusses more on the long-term side of finance. And then there’s our CFO Wouter, with about 25 years of financial experience under his belt. Funny enough, none of us have a degree in finance. So, who knows, maybe you can teach us a thing or two? 😉

As a scaleup in waste-to-bio-LNG, technology is our thing. Still, at the end of the day, we’re all about people. We are 26 sustainability-enthousiasts with an entrepeneurial mindset. None of us fit within bureaucratic companies. We all like our freedom and a minimum of ‘company rules’. Just like we like spending time together outside of work. Whether it be mountainbiking, a boat trip, or a casual drink to celebrate the weekend.

Nowhere else,

but here

  • Our own patented technology

    that's turning waste into renewable energy, causing waves in the energy transition.
  • A bunch of pioneers in sustainability,

    building their own company, carving out an entire new route for the energy transition.
  • Freedom and entrepeneurship:

    bring forth new ideas and help shape both your own job, as well as our finance team.

What you'll also get

  • The latest technology in renewable energy which makes you want to join us. And likeminded colleagues which make you want to stay.
  • An annual contract which we'd happily extend, training and plenty of opportunities to grow.
  • A hybrid working place, 27 vacation days, 100% paid pension scheme and expenses.
  • Plenty of opportunity for you to ask yourself: 'Which improvement in finance can we make next?'

What we ask for

  • An adventurous attitude and the eagerness to build something new and sustainable together with likeminded colleagues.
  • A bachelor’s degree or higher qualification in accountancy or business economics
  • Excellent written and spoken Dutch and English, and a work and residency permit for the Netherlands.
  • At least 3 years experience in a similar position with experience in liaising with bankers

Our story

It all started in 2009 with the birth of the Nordsol idea: to make a difference for sustainable mobility. In the following years, we focused on developing practical technological solutions to convert biogas into bio-LNG. This new path resulted in designing, building and operating multiple pilot plants, combined with the worldwide patented iLNG technology.

Along the way, more professionals got inspired and joined the team.

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Nowadays, all activities are embedded in Nordsol, which is the ideal platform to grow the business. We’ve gone from start-up to scale-up. And with all these bright sustainability minds onboard, you can imagine what lies ahead of us. Well: join us to find out…





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When you apply

(Online) meet up with Jitske (HR) and another colleague

Step 1: a casual chat to see how we all fit together. Online or face to face: whatever works best for you.

Meet up with management

Ok: time to delve deeper. We’d like to discuss the finance and controlling side of things. And while we’re at it: some of the terms and benefits. We don’t like to overcomplicate things: can you tell?

Our proposal

Things are really shaping up now. Time for us to step up and make you a proposal that says ‘let’s go!’.

Let's go!

Enough talking: let the rest of our quest begin!


Jitske Stuifzand-Voorham


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